Alaska Fish Catcher Lodge & Outfitter
Alaska Fish Catcher Lodge & Outfitter
Located on the Kenai [Kee-nye] River in south central Alaska is most popular sport fishing in Alaska!

Important Fishing Dates

It's All About Timing

In the Kenai River community we think of the fish runs as huge events and plan our summer around these momentous dates and times. Please refer to the guide here outlining the specific fish species and best dates for each so you can plan your trip to best accommodate your preferred experience.   

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Kenai River Fishing

Alaska's world-famous Kenai River is best known for its fishing and world-record King Salmon (97 lb 4 oz.), Silver and Sockeye Salmon; however, the river is also known for its trophy Rainbow trout fly fishing, and a popular destination for fly fisherman from all over the world. Spend a day for each variety of fishing or mix it up in one day. It is your Alaskan fishing experience, adventure and memory so just let us know what your fishing desires are. We will do everything in our power to make it happen!  

Fishing Trip Info:

  • Both reel and fly fishing last approximately 8-9 hours, providing a full and complete fishing experience!

  • Fishing is done from power or drift boats with ample room for up to four anglers per boat.

  • All guests are provided with the necessary rods, reels and tackle. If you prefer to bring your favorite rod or fly rod, do not hesitate to contact us for any recommendations on weights and line.

  • All tackle and flies will be provided.

  • We fish just below Skilak Lake on a very scenic portion of the river. Bald eagles adorn the tops of trees along the river banks. Moose are seen in the back water ponds with their heads under water eating salt grass.

Kenai Trout are ready biters either on beads to match the salmon spawn or flesh flies that resemble rotten salmon flesh floating downstream. These trout are large and well fed with all the salmon spawning giving them a non-stop buffet that changes with the different species of salmon in the river at a given time! The Rainbows can reach 15-20 lbs, and the Dolly Varden up to 10-15 lbs, with lots of smaller fish (1-4 lb) in the mix of this very healthy fishery.

The upper Kenai River is home to trophy-sized wild rainbow/steel-head trout providing a fly angler’s dream. About 43,000 rainbow/steel-head are caught every year by anglers.

Salt Water Fishing


Make your Alaskan fishing trip complete by adding on a saltwater experience. Halibut is the primary target for guests desiring a saltwater fishing experience; however, there are various seasons for combination fish that include ling cod, saltwater salmon, yellow-eye and rockfish. Your adventure can become even better with an amazing and exhilarating Alaskan saltwater fishing experience. Treat yourself to the best of both worlds with your add-on, customized saltwater charter, making your "bucket list" trip complete! 

You want to experience the most you can while visiting Alaska and know that, for most, this is a “Once in a Lifetime” trip! We want to make sure your trip is successful and worthy of years of real life fish stories!

We look forward to fishing with you this season!