Meet Your Alaskan Guides

pete driving the boat

Meet Our Alaskan Guides

Pete Sparacio

“My mission is simple: to give you the best Alaskan experience possible…PERIOD!”


When you meet Pete the first thing you will notice is his love and passion for fishing and guiding. Alaska Fish Catcher Lodge and Outfitter was conceived from this passion and the desire to give even a fraction of that feeling and experience to others.


Pete began guiding at 19 years of age, over 29 years ago. His journey began through the guidance and training he received from his father-in-law Tom, an avid fisherman, and guide. Tom was an incredible teacher and mentor. Tom taught Pete a love for fishing and is where he acquired his love of the great outdoors. Pete’s many years of experience range from the premier waters of Alaska, Northern California, and Oregon. You name a river in any of those areas and Pete will know it like the back of his hand!  Pete is very detail-oriented, organized and believes that even the smallest details make all the difference. The focus he uses on the river is reflected and carried over throughout the Alaska Fish Catcher Lodge, providing guests an extremely clean, organized, and comfortable stay. Alaska Fish Catcher is a family-run business that aims to provide a memory you will have for the rest of your life. We love to fish as much as YOU!

Cody Sparacio

Cody started eight years ago guiding when he was 18 years old under his grandpa Tom Stanton (Fishtails guide service) Tom has since retired, but the love of fishing and Alaska  runs strong in Cody. As his father I’m honored to have my son working side by side with me in this endeavor to bring you the best Alaskan experience. He extremely knowledgeable patient and above all very genuine person. His love and passion for fishing is contagious and you will have the trip of a life time with Cody.