Important Alaskan Fishing Dates

Check Alaskan fish run dates and plan your trip to correspond to the run times for the species of fish that you are targeting. For example, the Kasilof River King Salmon run is better earlier in the season late May-June. The Kenai River comes into its own in July. Whether your heart is set on Kings, Silvers, Sockeye, or Trophy Rainbow Trout…Alaska Fish Catcher is here to help you reach that goal. Learn everything you need to know here by looking at our fishing information. If you have any questions still not answered, simply contact us so we can help!

Timing is Everything

It is all about timing!  In the Kenai River community, we think of the fish runs as huge events and plan our summer around these momentous dates and times. Please refer to the guide here outlining the specific fish species and best dates for each so you can plan your trip to best accommodate your preferred fishing experience.

Fish Species and Run Dates

alaskan fishing info

Kenai & Kasilof River Fishing

Alaska’s world-famous Kenai River is best known for its fishing and world-record King Salmon (97 lb 4 oz.), Silver and Sockeye Salmon; however, the river is also known for its trophy Rainbow Trout fly fishing, Dolly Varden, and is a popular destination for fly fisherman from all over the world. It is a breathtaking river that has the most amazing teal – turquoise color from glacier melt.  

On the Kasilof River fishing is fantastic as well.  All 20 miles of this river is drift boat only and powered by your guide!  This in itself allows for such a unique and memorable experience.  It is your Alaskan fishing experience, adventure, and memory so just let us know what your fishing desires are. We will do everything in our power to make it happen!  

Fishing Trip Info:

  • All trips last approximately 8 hours or until limits have been met, providing a full and complete fishing experience!
  • Fishing is done from power or drift boats with ample room for up to four anglers per boat.  Sockeye, Pink, and Silver Salmon will occasionally be from the bank on parts of the river.
  • All the fishing gear you will need is provided for you.  All guests are provided with the necessary rods, reels, and tackle. If you prefer to bring your favorite rod or fly rod, do not hesitate to contact us for any recommendations on weights and line.
  • We fish just below Skilak Lake on a very scenic portion of the river. Bald eagles adorn the tops of trees along the river banks. Moose are seen frequently along the river as well.
  • All fishing packages can be customized to provide you with the best possible Alaska fishing adventure.   

Ocean Fishing & Fly-Outs

Your Alaskan fishing trip package comes with an ocean trip.  Halibut and Ocean Salmon is the primary target for guests desiring a saltwater fishing experience. This is also a great way to fill up that fish box! Keep in mind you are welcome to add additional ocean days to your package.


Fly-outs – You will fly west across the Cook Inlet to an area at the base of the Alaska Range for this amazing experience.  Depending on which location you fish, flight time is about 20-30 minutes each way.  The trip duration will be approximately 8 hours.  This trip is a favorite not only for the great fishing, but it is an excellent place to view wildlife as well. Sightseeing en route is great for bears, moose, and occasionally whales.  Our fly-out is included in our 7-night package, however, you are welcome to add this to any of our packages.

You want to experience the most you can while visiting Alaska and know that, for most, this is a Once in a Lifetime” trip! We want to make sure your trip is successful and worthy of years of real-life fish stories!  Treat yourself to a fly-out making your “bucket list” trip complete!


Kenai Fjords TourCruise the abundant waters of Resurrection Bay, and view jagged cliffs, seabirds, marine wildlife, and alpine glaciers. This half-day tour includes a specially prepared sit-down lunch at the exclusive and charming Fox Island Lodge.


Book only full-day trips so you are sure to catch the prime fishing time. Your guide will determine your start time on the water to coincide and optimize your chances of catching fish based on runs and the High Tide Cycle. All packages include full-day trips.  Half-day trips do not allow enough flexibility to catch the High Tide Cycle and the day’s prime fishing time. Enjoy the entire day of fishing so you don’t need to worry about the time or heading back just when the fish are biting.

Have the proper license and stamp for your trip. All Alaska fishing is covered under a basic Sport Fishing License, AND you’ll need a KING STAMP to FISH for KING SALMON. If your trip is between May 15th – July 31st be sure to have a KING STAMP for the entire time you plan to be fishing while in Alaska.  Not having the right stamp and license will delay the start of your day. You can purchase licenses and a stamp ahead of time online. Click HERE for the state of Alaska Fish and Game site to purchase a license.  If you are 16 years or older you will require an Alaskan fishing license.  This license will be good for both fresh and saltwater fishing.  Be sure to cover the number of days you plan you will be fishing while in Alaska.  They are offered in 1, 3, 7, and 14-day options.


Fish processing – Your fish will be cleaned and filleted on the river or ocean by your guide.  From there, it is your responsibility to take it to the fish processor.  (We are not equipped to handle fish processing or freezing at the lodge).  Processing your fish reduces your catch to manageable size packages (about 1-2lbs.) The processor will then vacuum seal it for maximum protection against freezer burn.  The final step is the processor will also pack your fish in an airline-approved insulated shipping box for you to take home. 

Getting your fish home – The most important part!  We have found the most cost-effective way for our clients to get their fish home is to ship their frozen fish box home as “luggage” on the plane.  The airline will charge you a bag fee between 35.00-50.00 depending on the airline you fly.  The frozen fish will stay frozen for the duration of your trip home.  

We look forward to fishing with you this season!